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A lifestyle brand which promotes a balanced way of life through the power of simplicity and tranquility.

The brand features “Lotus”, the symbol of purity and enlightenment. It is surrounded by a deep blue field which signifies the vast energy field of the universe. Drawing inspiration from the earth’s pigments and elements, the visual identity system exemplifies the brand’s philosophy: less is more.

Package Design // Elegance and sophistication through simplicity.

Print Design // Clean, modern layout creates a balanced structure which allows the essence of the product line to shine. Highlighting aesthetics of the brand with a cohesive expression. 

SOCIAL MEDIA // Lifestyle and Educational social media contents to explores ancient healing traditions and energy medicine that inspire and empower viewers to reach a higher state of wellness.

STORE DESIGN // Following the principle of “Less is More”, sleek lines and earthy tones are used throughout the store layout and design.


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