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Hyde Lane is a line of high-end home products, made with quality material and sophisticated aesthetics in mind. From the monogram-styled logo to the premium packaging, from cultivated photography to refined online listing contents, we aim to provide consumer with a unique luxury shopping experience for a brand that is sold exclusively online.


We logo mark fuses two ideas in a extractable lock up: Modern and Luxury. The “HL” initial combines a serif and a sans serif font together, making the contrast in the monogram eye-catching and memorable. It is clean and minimal. Presenting itself as a distinctive element which can be used on product, in print and digital media. It stands out as a brand that is timeless.


To provide online consumer with a complete delightful shopping experience, a well-designed package is part of an equation. To find the right balance of utilizing sustainable material, creating high-end product packaging without being excessive is part of the challenge. We tested various packaging structures, materials, print finishes. The result is a line of refined packaging to compliment Hyde Lane products. They serve as the continuation of the lifestyle brand.


To present this online brand as the symbol of a luxury product line, product photography needs to delivery the same impression. We kept the clean and modern aesthetics, let the beauty of the product speak for itself. Additional detail shots communicated the functionality and high quality material of these products, further reinforce the Hyde Lane lifestyle


To tie all the creative elements together, we incorporate branding, packaging and product photography into thoughtful online contents, providing online consumer with a line of high-end home products for their living spaces. Through many ecommerce reviews and feedbacks, Hyde Lane listings continue to match the lifestyle which the brand promises.


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