Studio Direction

We Compose the Scene

Defining the tone of your idea early makes it easy to configure your overall brand. A photo can define your story through our various lighting, prop, and camera equipment. Knowing who you’re talking to helps us make the perfect visual asset for you.


We Create The Visual; The First Impression For Your Audience

We begin creating a system of colors, typography, and tone for your brand. Looking at the whole picture we flesh out the physical and digital look of how the product communicates. Through iteration, the brand is fine-tuned to the smallest details from iconography to copy writing.

Retouching/Digital Compositing

Turning Blah Into Brilliant

Through our links with packaging manufacturers, we calculate the logistics of how we can get the most out of your budget. We specialize in making packaging experiences that wow the consumer. Through your brand campaign we can also test your results to build upon your brand.