Motion Production

We can provide every stage of video solution from Pre Production to Post Production.


We understand the importance of a well-planned video project. And preproduction plays a big role in accomplishing that task. We are specialized in the key elements of pre-production, scriptwriting, storyboarding, concept art, test lighting. This first step in the production helps us understand the entirety of the project which also helps us work on the budget.



With well-equipped studio and production team we are maintaining the industry level standards to shoot action sports & lifestyle shooting, multi-camera interview shooting, shooting on location (both interior and exterior), we also have professional studio space access for controlled lighting, green screen shooting, the key equipment for grip & lighting.



Adding those awesome effects and cool motion graphics all come in the post-production part of the project. We are an amazing team with extensive experience in post-production processes. We also take care of media storage/backing up, editing rough cuts, adding any motion graphics or visual effects, color grading, sound design, and editing.